Taking the Doors Off Your Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is known for its off-road capabilities and sporty looks. Many owners choose to take the doors off this iconic SUV for ease of access, to reduce weight, or just for looks, transforming the Wrangler into a truly ideal off-road vehicle. Read on to learn precisely how you can take the doors off your Jeep Wrangler.

Step 1 - Taking Off the Doors

Believe it or not, this is just the first step in the process. You'll begin by loosening the nuts at the bottom of the hinges on the doors. This will typically require a 13mm wrench. Next, you'll have to remove the inner door connector and door straps. There is a small red tab (in the front, it's under the dash; in the rear, it's hidden behind an inspection cover) that allows you to easily remove the strap.

Now, simply remove the door. It weighs roughly fifty pounds, so be sure to know your limitations.

Step 2 - Reattaching Mirrors

Getting the door off is just the start. Now, you'll most likely have to remove the mirrors from the doors and bolt them back on. You may need a mirror-removal kit for this process. A T40 Torx driver bit lets you loosen the two heads below the windshield, right where the mirrors would have been. Mirror plates (from kit) can be added here over the loosened heads.

Remove the mirrors from the door with a 17mm socket. Now you can attach the mirrors to the brackets from the kits.

Step 3 - Turning Off the Dome Light

One of the biggest issues you have now is that your dome light will likely stay on indefinitely. The easy solution is to remove the dome-light fuse. Removing the Door Jam Defeat fuse will get rid of any warning buzzer as well.

An alternative is to install door clips on the dome-light sensor pins on the inside of the door well. With clips in place, your car will be tricked into thinking the door is shut.


These three steps let you remove the doors on your Jeep Wrangler. After taking the doors off, you can easily reattach the mirrors and toggle the dome light. Now your Jeep will be lighter, offering improved performance and fuel economy, and it will be easier than ever to get in and out. 

Proper Steps For Off-Roading


Finally got that new Jeep you've been dreaming of since you were 16? It's time to let the adventures begin! But before you get carried away, keep in mind that driving off-road is a very different thing than driving on pavement. Follow these steps for the safest and most successful off-roading experience.


Step 1 - Read the Manual


You think you know your car well, and you probably do when it comes to driving on pavement. But when you're getting geared up to go off-road, there are certain qualities about your vehicle that suddenly become important. For one thing, you'll want to learn what your vehicle's ground clearance is. Also, be sure that you know all the ins and outs of your four-wheel drive system and how to use it.


Step 2 - Preliminary Practice


Before you commit to that huge off-roading adventure you've been dreaming of, practice a little. Explore on a smaller scale using gravel roads or creeks nearby. Practice stopping and make sure you have the hang of your four-wheel drive system. If not, you might need to go back to step 1 again.


Step 3 - Hit the Road, but Start Small


If you feel pretty solid in your newbie off-road capabilities, it's time to give it a go. But it's still not quite time for that dream off-road trip. First, head to an ORV park if you have one nearby. These parks charge an entrance fee, but it's worth the variety of trails you'll have available. Plus you can make a more experienced off-roader friend and learn a few tricks from him or her.


Step 4 - Build Your Off-Roading Resume


If all goes well at the ORV park, it's time to plan a real off-roading trip. Do your research to find an exciting and interesting place to ride. Remember to plan according to the weather, and always let someone know where you'll be. Better yet, bring a more experienced off-roader friend with you. This way you can learn more about off-roading together while keeping safe with the buddy system. Have fun and be safe! 

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